Newborn | Baby Evan


Little Baby Evan was welcomed to the world on May 17th, 2011.  He is already quite dapper with a full head of strawberry blonde hair.  He’s definitely gonna be a ladies man!!

Evan and mother Meredith welcomed me into their home and were a pleasure to work with.  Even though the little guy had a full bottle before I arrived, he decided it wasn’t time for sleeping.  Regardless, we still got some awesome images.  I especially love when he opened his big blue eyes.  Maybe the sound of my camera shutter is not that soothing after all…who knew?

Below are some of my favs…enjoy!!

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What a beautiful baby and wonderful pictures!!

You were almost an Evan ….. but become so rattled when there were two of you — couldn’t decide. Thought about Evan and my other brother Evan 🙂

Evan is such a beautiful baby!!! Awesome pictures!!!!!

Thank you, Ryan, for the wonderful photos! We will cherish them forever.

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