Snowden Wedding | Smyrna Town Centre | Sneak Peek

Lauren & Michael Snowden were married on May 28th at Smyrna Town Centre.  It was an event filled with excitement and joyous celebration.  After the glamour of the ceremony slipped away, the room was transformed into a cozy atmosphere with wonderful accent lighting.  The DJ kept everyone on the dance floor all night as guests continued to celebrate such a lovely couple.  Here is a sneak peek of what’s to come.  Enjoy!


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  • Lauren Snowden 8 Jun ’11 | Reply

    I Love It!!! You did a Wonderful job!!! Thank you so much for being a part of our special day!!!

  • Angela Clopton-McCryndle 8 Jun ’11 | Reply

    A job well done..I had a wonderful time. All I can say is LOVELY!!

  • Michael "Peanut" Snowden 8 Jun ’11 | Reply

    Ryan, you did an amazing job. I could not have asked for a better photographer and we enjoyed you guys the whole time. Keep up the great work man!!!!

  • John 9 Jun ’11 | Reply

    Those are some fly pic.

  • Sandi Bishop 9 Jun ’11 | Reply

    Beautiful pictures! Beautiful couple! May you both find favor with God. May you enjoy many years together. Peace and blessings to your holy union. Love you both. Greetings from Alabama.

  • Ametria 9 Jun ’11 | Reply

    I love ya'll and had a blast at the wedding. Keep doing what your doing cuz your light is definately shining (can you say glowing)!!!

  • Myskeshia Leon 9 Jun ’11 | Reply

    I love love love the pictures what an amazing job! What a beautiful bride... such an awesome combo... talent + beauty = PHENOMANAL!

  • jasmine clopton 9 Jun ’11 | Reply

    nice pictures mike lauren was very pretty u were handsome

  • Rachel Green-Walker 10 Jun ’11 | Reply

    Awwwww, too cute. Can't wait to see more. Love you guys.

  • Brandon Jackson 10 Jun ’11 | Reply

    Congrats Peanut...! To the photographer, the style and eye is hot! Again, congratulations you 2!

  • Megan Jones 10 Jun ’11 | Reply

    Beautiful pics!!

  • Tawana Snowden Huggins 11 Jun ’11 | Reply

    Congrats....simply beautiful!!!!

  • Tina B. 12 Jun ’11 | Reply

    Awwwww.These pics are Beautiful!!!!

  • Aaron Jones 13 Jun ’11 | Reply

    Yo congrats homie! Those are really nice pictures.

  • Sheena 13 Jun ’11 | Reply

    Beautiful & Joyous Celebration! Love what I see so far :-)

  • Thomasine 15 Jun ’11 | Reply

    Georgous picture of a beautiful couple on their magnificant day.

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